Smart Cities — Antoine Picon


Neat, crisp informative book by Antoine Picon in the AD Primer Series. Gives myself, James Cheshire and Joan Serras a mention too on transit in London and the science of cities but the book is valuable as a quick but meaty introduction to the domain with some nice graphics. You can in fact download an earlier version of the book as a PDF as the French Edition – a quick comparison shows that the English Version is an update of the French but if you are prepared to read the French click here. You will have to buy the English one but in any event it is an interesting summary.


Redefining Big Data, Recasting Small


Giving two lectures by video at the E-Life Congress in Athens on November 6th and at the ITF-OECD Roundtable on 21st Century Public Interest Data Sharing on November 9 in Paris. The lectures are more or less the same and mirror that I gave at Maynooth in the summer onData and Cities. If you click here, then you can load the video from YouTube for your perusal. If you want the PDF go to this link and download. Enjoy.