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Inventing Future Cities

If you wish to purchase a copy, see panel on right We cannot predict future cities, but we can invent them. Cities are largely unpredictable because they are complex systems that are more like organisms than machines. Neither the laws … Continue reading

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Data-Driven Urban Dynamics at ORNL

Visited the Urban Dynamics Institute (UDI) headed up Budhendra Bhaduri (Budhu) which is a rapidly growing effort in data-driven technologies applicable to cities. This group which is based at Oakridge National Labs which began life in the war years as part of … Continue reading

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AI, Smart Cities and Urban Planning

read my editorial in EPB: Urban Analytics and City Science, and also check out the fact that it is almost 50 years from when Alan Wilson started Environment and Planning (A) and 45 from when Lionel March started B. The … Continue reading

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