A Short Online Bibliography

There are many things to read from this course. I recommend you look at three of my own books and dip into these: Fractal Cities (1994, with Paul Longley), Cities and Complexity (2005), and Agent Based Models of Geographical Systems (2011, edited by Alison Heppenstall, Andrew Crooks, Linda See, and myself). These cover the three components of the course: fractals, complexity, and agent based modeling in that order although the Cities and Complexity book covers all three. Unfortunately that book is not online but the other two are. However there is a copy in the CASA library and also if you want to borrow one then come and get one from me. The links to these are:

Fractal Cities


Cities and Complexity


Agent Based Models of Geographical Systems


And there are a number of papers that are online that are relevant background and these can be accessed by clicking on the following:

pdf_icon  Simulating spatial dynamics: cellular automata theory

pdf_icon  Generating cities from the bottom-up

pdf_icon  Cellular automata and urban form: a primer

pdf_icon  Exploring the historical determinants of urban growth patterns through CA

pdf_icon  A digital breeder for designing cities

pdf_icon  Fifty years of urban modeling – macro-statics to micro-dynamics

pdf_icon  Urban modelling