Lectures on Smart Cities and Urban Modelling at SUFE, Shanghai

This is the page that lets you get access to all the resources for the two-days of lectures by myself at SUFE. They are in fact last years lectures and they are much the same as this years which were given on 102 July 2019. The Smart Cities lectures are listed first followed by the Urban Analytics/Modelling lectures. If you click on each one of these, you will get the relevant PDF which formed the basis of the presentation over the two day workshop period. The lectures are as follows – click on the lecture number – Lecture # – to load the PDF.

Smart Cities

Lecture 1: Introduction to Smart Cities; 1: The Smart City as Information Technology: A History: A Walk Through the Smart City: 2: Turing’s Legacy & The Laws of Computing

Lecture 2:  Smart Cities Are About Information, Hardware And Software: Data And Technology 1. The Wired City: Computable City: Information Infrastructure: 2. Data and Technology: Big Data, Open Data, Data Infrastructures

Lecture 3:  Big Data, Network Data, Measuring Disruption in the 24 Hour City

Lecture 4:  New Media and the Smart City: Networks Again, Virtual Cities, & Crowdsourcing

Urban Modelling-Urban Analytics

Lecture 1: Introduction to Urban Modelling and Simulation: Models and Definitions;  Topic 2: Basic Gravitation and Spatial Interaction

Lecture 2: Applications of Land Use Transport Interaction (LUTI) Models; Integrated Urban Models, Applications

Lecture 3: Extensions & Applications: Density, Accessibility, Retail Models; Predicting the Impact of Large Scale Urban Infrastructures