This web log is about my various interests and work which focus on simulating cities and the way cities are becoming smart through the way computers are being embedded into their fabric. The site includes several sets of lectures i have given in these areas but the blog posts are more general referring, of course, to the field and include interesting things i have come across and think others reading this blog might be interested, events and lectures of interest and so on.

I  am a Professor at University College London (UCL). I chair the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) which is a unit in the Faculty of the Built Environment (the so-called Bartlett School). CASA has been going since 1995 when I joined UCL to set it up as an interdisciplinary centre devoted to developing computer technologies with respect to urban applications and city planning. Our focus is visualisation, modelling and simulation, spatial data, and urban morphology. My own particular focus in on A Science of Cities. The outfit runs on soft money and most of my colleagues are post docs of one form or another. If you want my CV, click here for it.

My own research work is on my other blog A Science of Cities referred to above and I have just published a new book called The New Science of Cities (MIT Press, 2013) which I urge you all to look at.