The Urban Systems Collaborative


The third annual meeting of the USC will be held at Imperial College on 11th and 12th September. The USC is the web forum set up by interested people in the smart cities movement in the US and maintains an active online seminar program but their annual meeting – which is free for those in the wider community – essentially focuses on new directions pertaining to information in cities, in smart cities. This year the theme is is “Cities as a Design Challenge for Quality of Life”. with sub-themes The Adaptive City, The Personalised City, The Supportive City, and Perceptions of the Quality of Life, all with respect to the impact and use of information technologies. Speakers include: John Polak, Michael Batty, Shane Mitchell, Nicholas de Monchaux, UC Berkeley; Rick Robinson, Constantine Kontokosta, Colin Harrison, Richard Dawson, Marjan Sarshar, Joe Cortright, Keith Besserud, Jurij Paraszczak, Carol Coletta, …..

The meeting is free and interested participants in the smart cities area and beyond should register by clicking on this link

About Michael Batty

I chair CASA at UCL which I set up in 1995. I am Bartlett Professor In UCL.
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