Geocomputation A Primer


A very nicely produced review of geocomputation in this edited book by Chris Brunsdon and Alex Singleton. It covers many interesting new techniques from agent based models to new visual statistics, from crowdsourcing methods to the newer scripting languages that are making their appearance as central to the development of contemporary spatial analysis. What is noteworthy about the book is the beautiful presentation and the visual ease in which the reader is exposed to these somewhat arcane arts of making sense of space and geography. There is a nice web site with some content that the reader can download here, and at the risk of infringing my own copyright, I will share my own chapter with you which you can download here too. Its not in the glorious presentation of the published book, merely a PDF or the word file but the figs are in colour

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I chair CASA at UCL which I set up in 1995. I am Bartlett Professor In UCL.
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