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Classifying Models: What Krugman Says

You may think that this blog has enough on ‘models’ to sink a ship and I have a new editorial on this in EPB. But there is a wonderful article by Paul Krugman on models which I have just come across although written two decades or so ago. Krugman … Continue reading

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The First Publicly Displayed Computer Graphic?

In digging up material for my smart cities lectures, I have always given a short history of computer graphics by way of background to visualization of cities. In fact the first computer graphic appears to be Jay Forrester’s demonstration of … Continue reading

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Urban Systems Science at CCS 2015

A diverse selection of talks on the Science of Cities at the 2015 Conference on Complex Systems, starting this afternoon in the Sheraton Airport Hotel in Tempe AZ Canyon Room. My own talk is about our Future Cities Catapult Land … Continue reading

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