Smart Cities @Serious Games Institute


Short, sharp discussion of smart cities at Coventry University’s Serious Games Institute (this afternoon, May 8th starting at 1pm) with a talk by myself which mirrors my talk to the AGI a couple of months ago in Edinburgh (click here to download today’s talk as a PDF). Tobias Preis from Warwick University is also talking about their mining of Google Trends and I suspect he will talk about his recent paper in Scientific Reports on how to extract stock market signals from such data. Tony McNally will talk about Making Smart Low Carbon Cities – Achieving the Low Carbon Economy, Stuart O’Connor about Agent Crowd Behaviour within a Virtual Urban Environment, and Keith Osman about the EU Smart Cities CIP project EPIC. The programme is here.

About Michael Batty

I chair CASA at UCL which I set up in 1995. I am Bartlett Professor In UCL.
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