The Smart London Plan


From 2011 to 2021 London’s population will grow by a million – the fastest rate of acceleration ever. We are going to hit nine million before New York, and approach ten million by 2030. With these demographic projections, we will have at least another 641,000 jobs, and another 800,000 homes by 2031. How will London cope with this additional pressure? The Mayor’s Smart London Plan looks at the role digital technology can play in helping to address these challenges, to make London an even better city to live in. Download it here.

Various CASA work is featured by way of the graphics used and this is always of interest to us. In terms of a plan, this is a generic statement of aims and objectives and it must be read with all the other plans and instruments that London is using to grapple with the future city. Andy is on the Smart London board who commissioned this.

About Michael Batty

I chair CASA at UCL which I set up in 1995. I am Bartlett Professor In UCL.
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