CASA has a new EU (FP7: Future and Emerging Technologies) project called EUNOIA which is about  Evolutive User-centric Networks fOr Intraurban Accessibility. The project will run from October 1st 2012 and is worth 268K Euros. It is part of a consortium led by Maxi San Miguel of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems, University of the Balearic Islands, and involving five other groups including our erstwhile collaborators Marc Barthelemy (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Paris) and Kay Axhausen (Transport, KTH Zurich). The picture is from Thomas Tzortzi’s designs for future travel

Incidentally Eunoia is the shortest English word containing all five main vowel graphemes. It comes from the Greek word εὔνοια, meaning ‘well mind’ or ‘beautiful thinking’. You will find a summary of the project on the this site

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