TechniCity is an online course about how new technologies are changing cities, run by Jennifer Evans-Cowley and Thomas W. Sanchez.You can sign up for the course and get the materials if you log on here.

I (Mike Batty) will be presenting a short video at some point in the course that I have already posted and you can see it here as well using this link. Related to the course and what I have to say, there are two articles very short and two are quite longer that you can download here: these are on big data and smart cities using our examples in London of real time streaming in transit, public bikes, social media and traces of taxi rides from APIs and GPS data.

pdf_iconBig Data, Big Issues, a one page polemic Geographical Magazine in 2013

pdf_iconSmart Cities and Big Data, an editorial from Environment and Planning B in 2012 which is a two page polemic

pdf_iconSmart Cities of the Future, a full paper from EPJ special topics in 2012

pdf_iconThe Computable City: an old paper (1997) from International Planning Studies that tells you what the web