A multilevel portrait of shrinking urban Russia

Shrinking Russia

A really nice article from Clementine Cottineau, one of our researchers, on how Russia is shrinking (Read in English or French, from Espace Populations SociétésTechniques that we may be able to apply in our new Digital Economies research project to shrinking Britain, in parts. She says and I quote from the abstract: “The demographic shrinkage of Russia, as measured by harmonised data at different geographical scales, appears unique in comparison with any other example in time and around the world. Using multivariate and multilevel statistical analysis, we show that shrinkage in cities is associated with different urban functions, and that these functions are distributed unevenly in the Russian territory. This sophisticated description of urban and regional attributes of shrinkage allows to gain insights on the probable consequences of different demographic policies in tomorrow’s Russia.”

Enjoy click here or above to get the article online

Agglomeration, The Keys to the Good City?


In CASA, in a project lead by Clementine Cottineau, we are working how economic and social attributes of cities scale with size. This is one of our longstanding foci in our ERC Mechanicity Work and it will also be central to our new project, the UKRDFC (the UK Regions Digital Research Facility) which will look at how the digital economy in Britain is influencing our cities and regions and their performance. Clementine has just posted an analysis of these issues with respect to regions and cities in France. You can download the paper from the ARXIV and if you read the paper, then it is worth noting that Clementine and the group’s previous papers are useful background. The paper on Paradoxes of Scaling is key to the analysis and these are all in ARXIV – if you click here and then on any of the authors noted there, up will come the paper trail. Enjoy.

Fractal London


Our paper on London’s street network has been picked up by various blogs and tweeted as well by Steve Strogatz. The paper “Multifractal to monofractal evolution of the London street network” by Roberto Murcio, Paolo Masucci, Elsa Arcaute, and myself (Michael Batty) was published in Physical Review E 92, 062130 on December 17, 2015. You can get it here. We have done several papers on London’s street network using Kiril Stanilov’s data but this recent paper takes the analysis a lot further and introduces multifractals which is something that was on the horizon 25 years ago when Paul Longley and myself were doing the Fractal Cities book but we never did anything on it. Now in CASA Hadrien Salat is working on multifractals for his PhD and this is accelerating our knowledge of how morphologies and cities vary in time and space.